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Last Update on 21 Feb, 2011
If you have any problem downloading any of the files, please do not hesitate to email to us at
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To choose the correct software, look at your  Subject Code  and the  Description  as shown below. All software are for Windows Operating System. For other platform, please go to the relevant URL.
When downloading any of the file, do not click 'Open'. You must first save it into your harddisk!! Do not use any Download Manager to download the files.
For lecturers and tutors, you can email us to suggest new files to be included.

Subject Code / Name Tool / Software Description
Dev-C++ 5.0 beta 9.2 ( with Mingw/GCC 3.4.2 [9M] This file is required for compiling C programs. It include GCC 3.4.2. It is in compressed format. You can open it up using PeaZip or Winzip.
Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express [155M] Panduan installasi VB

HTML Editor : PSPad HTML/PHP/JScript and other language Editor.
Web Server : Apache HTTP Server. Windows PHP command Interpreter - to be used with Apache HTTPD Server.
Assembler [196K] Assembler for Intel 80x86 assembly language. Here is the installation guide Panduan Install Assembly
Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition - tools for developing Java program. The latest version is available from
JCreator is a powerful IDE for Java. JCreator provides the user with a wide range of functionality such as : Project management, project templates, code-completion, debugger interface, editor with syntax highlighting, wizards and a fully customizable user interface.
MySQL 5.0.24a is the latest production version of mySQL database server application.
MySQL GUI Tools -- single bundle including all GUI tools (MySQL Administrator, MySQL QueryBrowser, MySQL MigrationToolkit and MySQL Workbench)
For more information, open
Moho [10M]  Animasi 2D
Resources for Audio Technology for Multimedia
Resources for Video Technology for Multimedia
Resources for 3D Animation
Video streaming FITMC is in the process of producing several e-content using a combination of video and slide presentation for several subjects. Give it a try and give us a feedback.

Other Free | Open Source Packages
PeaZip (v3.6.2) PeaZip installer PeaZip is a free compression/decompression and archival utility. Useful for uncompressing *.zip|*.Z|*.bz2|*.arc files.
Gadwin PrintScreen Screen Capture Capture your screen output or windows area [win32]. Useful to capture the output to your program. Useful for students/tutors 2.0 2.0 [93M] An alternative OSS (Open Source Software) package to Microsoft Office - only for Win32
PDF Redirect PDF Redirect. Print any document to PDF. Replace PDF995 and PDFCreator [Win32]